DiskTrix DefragExpress v1.46 + Serial Number

Jumat, 29 Mei 2009

* Created Specifically To Be The Default Day-to-day Defragger Of Choice For EVERYONE And Every PC On The Planet
* Very Simple To Use - No Knowledge Necessary - Just Press Start Defrag
* Unique, "Optimal" Defrag Algorithm Developed At DiskTrix Labs That:

1. Minimizes Time To Complete Day-To-Day Comprehensive Consolidated
Defrag Runs (1 to 10 mins and usually around 3 minutes)

2. Fully Defrags & Consolidates All Files & Minimizes Free Space Fragmentation

3. Minimizes Refragmentation Rate To Absolute Minimum Rate Physically Possible.

4. Places Frequently Used Files For Best Performance

* Significantly Speeds Up Hard Drive File Access Performance
* Comprehensive Consolidate Mode Or Fragmented Files Only
* "Fun-to-Watch" Graphical User Interface That Shows File Movement & Defrag Activity
* FAST! Most defrags complete in 1 to 10 minutes and usually around 3 minutes.
* Positions Frequently Used Files For Fastest Performance
* Consolidates And Positions Directories For Fastest Performance
* Lightning-Fast Drive Analysis (300,000 files takes around 15 seconds)
* Reports Defrag Time Taken (It likes to show-off just how fast it is!)
* Reports Hard Drive Optimization Level
* Fully Schedulable: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, System Idle
* Designed to be run everyday (on your chosen schedule)
* Least hard drive wear and tear amongst all other defraggers
* Ability To Exclude Large Files
* Ability To Shut Down Computer When Defrag Completes
* Small Footprint - File Size Less Than 2 Mb
* Runs As A Stand Alone Application. Does NOT Run As A Service

File : Download

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